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Search Tips

Search Tips

The best search results come from using the Advanced Search tips.

Also using the “Show Refine Search” offers more filters for specific product categories and manufacturers.


Basic Search Tips

  • All search terms are matched against product names, descriptions and the product code.
  • Try to keep search terms short and to the point.
  • Multiple search words are supported. Results containing all of your search terms are ranked higher than those which don't.
  • Common words such as 'are' and 'is' as well as words below 3 characters are automatically removed from your search terms.

Advanced Search Tips

  • If you wish to search for a phrase, enclose it within "double quotes"
  • The words 'AND', 'OR' and 'NOT' are special keywords used to join words.
    • AND specifies that both terms must be present in the results.
    • OR specifies that either of the terms must be present in the results.
    • NOT specifies that the term must not be present in the search results.


  • 357 AND sig
  • 270 AND die

Advanced Search Page Tips [Show Refine Search]

  • Use the advanced search techniques in the “Search Keyword” box
  • If you know the brand and only want to see results for that brand; select the brand name from the pull down menu.
  • If you know the category of your product, select that category and that category ONLY.

Example: I want all brands of .224 size bullets for reloading.   

      • Type in the Search Keyword Box: .224 AND bullets
      • Leave “Brand Name” on No Preference
      • Categories: click on the + next to “Reloading and Gun Accessories”; when it expands click on the + next to “Reloading”; when it expands click in the BOX next to “Bullets”
      • Now scroll down and click the “Search” button. You will see the search results. In stock items will have an “Add To Cart” button.